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Tracie~My Petite Maison

Ran right over, Sweet Princess,
What an adorable little girl is Favour, that photo is priceless for certain! Sidney (Meatloaf) is so cute, I can see why you fell in love w/that kitty. So good he has a forever home now and beautiful one to boot!

Can hardly wait to see all the homes and their features this year. Have to say, I'm over the Moon for Laura, and her dear, kind, creative heart!

It's just so good to hear from you and about your travels with Mark. I know each feature will be a dream from Michigan. I am thinking "snow" as we speak!!


Hi Fifi,
Oh goodness - as usual you have outdone yourself by sharing with us the most fabulous, charming and beautiful homes, farms, ranches, adorable children and sweet animals and most of all given us a peek into meeting loving and real families living the simple life.
Can't wait to see more.
Best wishes and many blessngs,
Erin and Bentley

La Contessa

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS ........cannot wait to see the first issue in person!Those cows Fifi!!!!!I want one!You have wonderful talent and a great eye!That woman with 6 kids......is STUNNING!

Cindy Roberts

I can't wait to see the first issue of your new magazine, Fifi! The teaser shots make me want to leave the city and move to a farm! Great work, Fifi (and Mark!)

Cindy Roberts


I came by way of Ang's blog ~ these are lovely photos. I would love to see your magazine ~ where is it available from? ( I live in Australia).
Thanks for showing us these pictures!
Have a wonderful day

Debra from Capersofthevintagevixensblogspot

Wow! Fifi, your magazine is going to be over the top gorgeous!!!!How exciting for you to have your very own magazine to create the way you want it to be. Fabulous. Congratulations and I can't wait to see it in the bookstores:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens


Beautiful! So exciting to see the world through yours and Mark's eyes.


Oh my...I'm getting really excited about this magazine!! I've not understood if it will be available on line or not...gotta check better here on the website...


Adrian Byrnes

Gorgeous, lovely and just all around fantastic stories and photos Fifi. I can not wait for the magazine! What a tease this is. And that kitty.......I have a 2 year old version of the exact same cat, his name is Hobbes.
Thanks for the eye candy.
Adrian ~
French Bleu Vintage

Pansy Cottage Girl

Its all just so beautiful. Thank you for capturing such simple beauty in daily life. I think it helps us all focus on what really matters.


ALL the photos are wonderful.. the girls:)all of you.. the kitties..the horsies..

Tout est beau..It's going to be a one of a kind magazine I think.

That little girl by the way is just so precious in that dress:)

Doreen Frost

Amazing as always Fifi!!! I can not wait!!!

hugs, Doreen


hello my fifi!

everything is so beautiful! i am so looking forward to seeing YOUR magazine!!! i am completely swooning over the final images of laura's homestead. how awesome!

i just wrote a post about cutepinkstuff cindy. pop on over!

hope all is well, my FGM (fairygodmother)


Chrisy's Cottage

I was in Heaven this morning sipping my coffee and viewing all your beautiful photos. Can't wait for Your new mag. to come out.Congratulations!!! Hugs Chrisy


could we order a copy from you since the magazine selections are very limited around here

Linda Winchell

Can't wait for your next issue!!! I am a poet, so if you would like some of my poems for an issue I would be honored to send you some to use. I also would love to customize one just for YOU!! Interested it is FREE and would love to design one. God bless, Linda Winchell

Linda Winchell

"Just A Little Country"

White wooden shutters now grace her room,
Once which had adorned a farm window’s well.
Old iron pitcher pump still in use,
Drawing up, cool spring water, beckoning,
“Why not kick back and rest a spell?”

Romantic Prairie style moments,
One hundred ways to make… the old feel fresh.
Of an era filled with country charm,
Giving everyone for years it’s very best.

So come on, why not set a spell?
And fill your hearts with all of its memories.
And maybe make a few for yourself,
In this, your own century.

By: Linda Winchell

Elaine Cubbins

Hello, I want to subscribe, but for some reason I don't see where to do that. Could you email me where to subscribe? Thank you!

stone hoods

Great pics & stories. That lamp is so nice. How is your magazine doing?

~ Herman Swan

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